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Terms and conditions

The following describes the terms and conditions applicable to your access and use of the website. By accessing and using this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and abide by all of the rules and policies set forth herein. Business Accelerators GmbH provides its services subject to the following conditions:

General Provisions

Business Accelerators GmbH, (hereinafter, “Business Accelerators“) owns, operates and controls (the “Site”).

Business Accelerators provides end users (“Users”) with free information relating to products provided for purchase from third parties on the Site and, among other things, the ability to assemble and discuss selected information and to move to the third parties websites to further explore the products, their availability, their current pricing and to make purchases from third parties sites. Business Accelerators does not sell any products.

Users agree that they will access and/or use the Site and/or any content on the Site for their own personal use only, and will not access and/or use the Site for any commercial purpose except with the written permission of Business Accelerators.

Use of Business Accelerators Site

Business Accelerators provides information to Users about the products and websites of its third parties shops (“product information”) on the Site. This product information has been provided to Business Accelerators by its third parties’ shops. Business Accelerators and the respective third parties are independent contractors that have contracted with one another, and not partners or joint venturers. Business Accelerators and the third parties operate their respective businesses and websites independently at all times. Business Accelerators is not responsible for its third parties’ websites or web content, nor any other third parties website or web content referred to (by link or otherwise) on the Site.

Business Accelerators reserves the right to modify how it displays product information and to add, delete or suspend transmission of such product information through its Site at any time, with or without cause, and without prior notice to Users. Products displayed or described within product information on the Site are third party products, not Business Accelerators products. Purchase of the products displayed within product information on the Site is a purchase from the respective third party and constitutes a transaction between the third party shop and the User alone. If a User clicks on product information on the Site, the User will be redirected to the website of a third party shop offering the corresponding product. Before a User makes a purchase from the third party shop, the User should verify information about the product to be purchased, including the purchase price and availability of the product.


Business Accelerators strives to ensure but does not warrant that the prices stated by Business Accelerators in its product information and displayed on the Site are current. However, by using this Site, the User acknowledges that prices are determined, and often changed, by third parties and that actual purchase prices may vary from those listed on the Site. The User further acknowledges that in the event of a conflict between the price stated in product information on the Site and the price listed by a third party on its website, the purchase price of any product is the price listed by the respective third party. Users acknowledge that Business Accelerators does not update product information including prices on the Site in real time. Users also acknowledge that Business Accelerators makes no representations about product availability, and that products displayed on the Site may no longer be available for purchase from any third party at the time of a User’s redirection to the third parties website.

Trademark rights

The product and company names used on this website are protected by trademark rights. Any use without expressive permission of the copyright holder is prohibited. The unauthorized use of protected trademark rights will be prosecuted.

Copyright information

Copyright © 2021 Business Accelerators GmbH
All rights reserved. The design and contents of this website are copyrighted. All rights, including translation, reprinting and duplication of the design, the contents or parts thereof, are reserved. Content on this site may not be reproduced in any form or processed using electronic systems without the written permission by Business Accelerators GmbH, and not be copied or distributed. The texts used on the site, images, graphics, files, etc. are subject to copyright, if not stated differently. The disclosure, modification, commercial use or use in other websites or media is not permitted.
All logos, brands, and trademarks displayed on this Site are the property of Business Accelerators or the respective third parties and are protected by international trademark laws.
Business Accelerators is not liable for the content of any external links posted to, embedded in, or otherwise included on the Site.

Business Accelerators GmbH owns, operates and controls Wearablezz – The Wearables Marketplace operates on an affiliate marketing basis. This means we may earn a commission for any product purchase based on our recommendation or promotion.