Wearsafe Personal Safety Button

Wearsafe Personal Safety Button

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What is Wearsafe?

Wearsafe is a modern-day, mobile panic button that gets you the right help, right away. Be safer anywhere, anytime! Subscriptions start at $5 per month. Cancel anytime.


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How Wearsafe works

Seamless integration of wearable and app. When you pair your Tag with the powerful Wearsafe App, you get a safety solution that goes with you anywhere, anytime. The ease and speed of a wearable button combined with the capabilities of your smartphone is the next generation of personal safety.

The Wearsafe Tag

Obsessively engineered to be perfectly simple. With the Wearsafe Tag, you have the power to get help with just the press of a button. It’s rugged, water resistant, and can be worn many ways so you can always keep it with you.

Safer with Wearsafe

Making a phone call in a tough situation is harder than you think. At the first sign of trouble, press a discreet wearable device and Wearsafe will use the power of your smartphone to instantly send trusted friends and family an alert with all the information they need to quickly coordinate help.

Better information means better help

A Wearsafe Alert is like a virtual situation room.

Audio makes all the difference

Wearsafe allows responders to hear what is happening so they can send the help you really need:

  • Streaming Audio provides situational context
  • Real time location
  • Group chat to coordinate an effective response

On-scene Audio

Your trusted circle can hear what’s happening as it happens—no need to guess what’s wrong.

Wearsafe Rewind

Captures what led up to the situation with audio from 60 seconds before you pressed the Tag.

Group Chat

The Wearsafe App becomes a virtual situation room where your friends can coordinate their response.

Easier to Activate

If you’re hurt or in danger, you can’t count on being able to find, unlock and dial your phone to call for help.

Real-time Feedback

Wearsafe lets you know help is coming by silently vibrating each time someone gets your alert.

200-foot Range

Send an alert from up to 200 feet away from your smart phone.

One-touch 911

Your friends and family can take immediate action by calling 911 right from the app, if needed.

Sends Location Only When Pressed

Your GPS coordinates are private and only shared when you press the Tag.

Many ways to send a Wearsafe Alert

Discreetly pressing a wearable device or the App homescreen instantly activates the power of Wearsafe to send an alert to your most trusted friends, family or co-workers.

Free to receive Wearsafe Alerts

Your network and emergency responders can view private alerts from the free Wearsafe App or any browser via wearsafe.help. Members are notified via text, email and Wearsafe App notifications.

Start using Wearsafe today

Subscriptions start at $5 per month. Cancel anytime. Plus, for a limited time, get a free Wearsafe Tag* when you sign up for service. (*maximum of 10 free Tags per purchase)

What’s Included:

  • Wearsafe Tag
  • Clip and Ring attachment
  • 1 CR2032 battery
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Up to 200 feet from paired smartphone


  • Tag: 1.33 in. x 1.93 in. (3.4 cm x 4.9 cm)

Supported Devices:

  • Android Bluetooth® Smart Ready phones
  • iPhone 4s or newer
  • iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • iPod touch (5th gen or newer) with Wi-Fi + Cellular

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