Timex iQ+Move

Timex iQ+Move

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Timex iQ+Move

Track activity and sleep without ruining your look. Create fitness goals, set alarms and control the hands of your watch with your phone. You’ll never worry about time zones, daylight savings and short months, the time and date stay in sync with your phone.


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Timex iQ+Move

Track activity all day at a glance. Create fitness goals, set alarms and even track your sleep.

Smart Watchmaking™

The real beauty of Timex iQ+™ watches is on the inside. Proprietary advancements allow the look, fit and feel of a traditional analog watch on a smartwatch that's connected to your phone.

Customize Your Look

Quick release straps change in a snap.

Connect & Review

Sync with our app to view activity over time, set goals, track calories burned and even measure sleep.


  • Uses Bluetooth® technology to connect with smartphone apps and display fitness data conveniently on the wrist
  • Countdown Timer and Alarm
  • Genuine Leather Strap
  • Perfect Date® (Perpetual Calendar)
  • INDIGLO® Light-Up Watch Dial


  • Activity Tracking
  • Connects with Your Phone
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Sleep metrics
  • No charging required