Pavlok + Wristband

Pavlok + Wristband

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The Pavlok is an award winning wearable device that releases a mild electric stimulus to help you reduce cravings, break bad habits and increase your productivity.

Key Features:

  • Makes you mindful
  • Uber customizable
  • Vibrates, Beeps, Zaps
  • Power Efficient


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Take charge of your behavior

PAVLOK is a product of Behavioral Technology Group, Inc. At BTG, we help people change their habits. To do so, we create apps, wearables, technology, and more – all designed to help our users get control of their behavior. Pavlok is tested, proven & loved by its users, and we have over 40,000.

Change your habits, change your life

How does Pavlok Work?

Pavlok is a behavior training device that works by utilizing aversive conditioning. This is a form of training that uses negative stimuli and association to help reaffirm a specific action as undesirable. You perform a bad habit at the same time you feel a slightly uncomfortable stimulus, and then your brain then begins to associate the two stimuli together -- until it no longer likes the bad habit.

Perhaps you have a friend who ate a meal that made them sick (or drank too much of a type of alcohol) --- often that single event creates an aversion to that type of food/drink forever! This same process can be used to help you break ANY bad habit for good!

Choose a habit to change and wear your Pavlok

Easiest way to get started with Pavlok is to pick just one habit. We have pre-built mini courses to get you started with the most common bad habits.

Get zapped when you engage in your bad habit. How?

Pressing the lightning bolt on the wristband or zap button on the phone app. Or automatically through one of our many integrations (for advanced users).

Your brain creates an aversion pairing the zap with that habit

Bad habits die hard because they feel good. Adding the zap stops that reward loop so you can get on your way to being a habit master.

How to best use Pavlok?

1- Begin by doing your bad habit as often as you normally would throughout the day.

2- Each time you do that bad habit send yourself a zap by pressing down on the device (the lightning bolt symbol) or sending one from the app. Adjust your zap strength in the app to suit your needs.

3- Pavlok will begin to train your brain to see that habit as "bad," and now is the time to replace that bad habit with something good.

Say your bad habit for example was biting your nails. Once you bit or even had the urge to do so and received the zap, we recommend immediately replacing that bad habit with a healthy one right after the zap. In this case you could file your nails instead of biting them. Find something that works for your habit and daily life. You will be less likely to go back to your old ways if you replace them.

4- Continue this process until your habit is broken.

Results have ranged from 48 hours to several weeks. It truly varies based on the individual, but thousands have kicked their bad habits to the curb with Pavlok.

It makes you mindful

Other wearables track. Pavlok gets you focused on your goals. It’s like sorcery for your lizard brain making you more aware.

Uber customizable

Pick your bad habit. Follow the setup instructions based on our algorithmic magic, or opt for custom settings.

Automatic + manual

Pavlok does both. It can trigger vibrations or zaps with the press of a button, on a timer, or even when you goof off online.

Fully integratable

Pavlok syncs and talks with a bunch of stuff, like your browser, IFTTT, other apps, even your Fitbit (if you’re into that).

Vibrates, Beeps, Zaps

Pavlok does pretty much everything but clothe and feed you.

Power Efficient

~ 2-5 day battery life, low energy & sleep modes, micro-USB charger.

Hand Detection

Bite your nails, pull your hair, smoke a cig... Pavlok knows!


For those extra annoying habits that just don't want to quit.




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