Ovy Basal Thermometer for Cycle Control

Ovy Basal Thermometer for Cycle Control

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Ovy connects cycle app and fertility thermometer

Ovy connects cycle app and fertility thermometer to predict the day you ovulate, your fertile window and your next period. Ovy’s algorithm is based on the well recognized symptothermal method for fertility tracking. Ovy is a class 1 medical product.

Selected Features:

  • Basal thermometer
  • Two decimal places
  • Medical device
  • Cycle App


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Track your reproductive health

How Ovy works

Ovy combines basal thermometer and cycle app helping women to predict their fertile days. Ovy addresses women who want to get pregnant and women who want to prevent a pregnancy naturally without hormones. The algorithm of the Ovy app is based on the scientifically proven guidelines for natural family planning (NFP) - also known as symptothermal method. How does it work? The user measures her awakening temperature in the morning, the so-called basal temperature and enters the data plus other body signals into the free Ovy app (iOS/Android). On a daily basis, Ovy calculates the day of ovulation, the fertile phase, as well as the next period.

Ovy App

The basal thermometer saves the temperature until the next use so data can also be entered later in the day. A battery is already inserted and can be changed subsequently. The flexible tip of the thermometer reduces the risk of injury. The thermometer is waterproof and comes in a hygienic box including a handy bag.

The Ovy app constantly recalculates your fertility information based on entered data and shows continuous documentation of changes in body signals. Ovy’s algorithm is fully based on the highly recognised fertility awareness (also called natural family planning or symptothermal method) with 99.6% safety. The Ovy calendar displays your cycle forecast for 6 months. The temperature curve (BBT graph) gives women the freedom to make autonomous evaluation. The app has an integrated 3 minute timer for measurements aligned with NFP guidelines. Plus, you can download your cycle report for your next doctor’s appointment.

The Science

The Ovy basal thermometer and the Ovy app are both CE-conform medical products class 1. Ovy is based on the clinically proven symptothermal method of Natural Family Planning (NFP). Ovy’s algorithm uses the basal body temperature, cervical mucus plus the position and opening of your cervix as well as potential interference factors to calculate your cycle.