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LINK AKC Smart Collar Classic

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99,00 $

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FeaturesBattery life of up to 3 days with normal use
Shock resistant & waterproof
Activity tracking
App controlled
3 year limited warranty

App CompatibilityiOS, Android

LINK AKC Smart Collar – Peace of Mind for You

The LINK GPS smart collar keeps track of your best friend’s activity, location, and health. Choose between the Classic or Sport look for the style that best fits your dog’s lifestyle.
LINK AKC helps you manage your dog’s wellness so you can have peace of mind knowing you are doing what’s best for your dog. From French Bulldogs to Komondors, the ergonomic curves of the collar are designed to comfortably fit small and large necks.

LINK AKC’s proprietary, patent-pending technology uses advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, & Cellular technologies to know your dog’s location as well as notify you if they leave a safe zone.

With a LINK AKC smart dog collar you

  • know where your dog is
  • monitor your dog’s activity and health
  • share, save, and record special walks and adventures
  • get remote sound and light for training and safety



This product requires a service plan. The service plan enables data to be transmitted to a cellular network and allows YOU to know your dog’s location, activity, and more.

99,00 $

incl. VAT, excl. shipping

99,00 $

incl. VAT, excl. shipping