The Muse – Meditation Wearable in Black

The Muse – Meditation Wearable in Black

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Your personal meditation assistant! 

Choose the InteraXon Muse to improve your ability to relax and feel better – at work or at home. The Muse is easy to use and comes with an amazing design.

The relaxation app Muse is available for iOS or Android.

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Your PERFECT relaxation – reach your goals with meditation

Take the Guesswork out of Meditation with Muse

Take your meditation practice to new heights with Muse: the brain sensing headband is more than a meditation app - it's your personal meditation assistant - helping you learn to meditate quickly and develop a rewarding meditation practice in just minutes a day. Muse is the first tool in the world that can give you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain when you meditate, and offers fun challenges and awards that help you learn to form the habit.

  • Real-time feedback lets you hear what’s happening in your brain while you meditate so that you know when you’ve reached a truly meditative state
  • Challenges and milestones awards recognize achievements and keep you motivated
  • Simple guidance shows you exactly what to do, helping you learn to meditate in as little as three minutes a day
  • Track your progress over time, and see how your brain is changing with the practice
  • Customize your practice with multiple meditation environments, session lengths and trainings

Muse is more than just a meditation App - Muse is your personal meditation assistance. It helps you to meditate very simple and easy and with just a few minutes per day you can have a positive impact on your daily meditation training. Muse is the worldwide first tool which gives you a real time feedback of your brain acitivity while you are meditating and offers you entertaining challenges and rewards.

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First time Mom and real life Muse User, Liza tells her story.

It motivates you to change your brain


Muse is the first tool in the world that gives you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain when you meditate. Improve your meditation practice in as little as 3 minutes a day – any time, anywhere. Personalized tracking, motivational challenges and rewards encourage you to build a more regular and effective practice. Experience all the benefits of meditation – such as relaxation, improved mood and reduced stress – with none of the uncertainty.


The science behind Muse

Your brain is constantly generating electrical signals when you’re thinking, sleeping or even relaxing. These signals can be detected from outside your head, via sensors. Muse uses the same brain sensing technology that doctors and scientists have employed for more than a century to detect your brain signals, similar to how a heart monitor measures your pulse. Muse has 7 finely calibrated sensors – 2 on the forehead, 2 behind the ears plus 3 reference sensors – which detect and measure the activity of your brain.

It improves how you respond to stress


In the short-term, meditation has been shown to trigger the natural relaxation response – a state of deep rest that changes the physiological and emotional responses to stress. Your metabolism decreases and your hearbeat slows. The muscles relax, breathing becomes slower, and your blood pressure decreases.

Extended use can have amazing and lasting results


A study showed that 20 minutes of meditation for 3 days in a row reduced anxiety, improved mood, and reduced heart rate. Research on longer sessions has documented other benefits, like increased grey matter density, reduced thinning of the prefrontal cortex, decreasing amygdala activity (associated with stress response), and increased resilience – basically, an overall beneficial change of the brain’s structure and function.

It is designed to help you form the habit


Research has shown using an app and starting with 3-5 minutes can dramatically help you build a meditation practice. Muse starts you with 3 minute sessions and rewards you for your achievements, making sure it’s easy and motivating to train with Muse (What are people saying?).


How can muse help you meditate?

Muse – Step By Step

1. Connect to the App

Begin by connecting Muse to the app on your mobile device via Bluetooth. You only need to do this once. Once paired, Muse will automatically try to link to the last device it connected to. Learn more at our Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Take the Tutorial

The first time you use Muse, you’ll be led through a simple tutorial that teaches you how to adjust the headband for a good fit and to ensure it’s reading your brain signals correctly.

3. Calibrate

Your brain is different every day. To calibrate itself before each session, Muse will take a snapshot of your brain in an active state. Muse uses this snapshot as a reference to understand your brain signals (what does it measure?). For each calibration, Muse listens to your brain signals for 60 seconds as you perform a simple brainstorming task.

4. Meditate

Muse gives you feedback about your meditation in real time by translating your brain signals into the sounds of wind. When your mind is calm and settled, you hear calm and settled winds. When your mind is active the winds will pick up and blow.

5. See Your Results

After each session, you’ll see how you did through a series of graphs and charts. Track your progress over time and earn points to unlock new features. Muse will show you how your brain did from moment to moment through simple, easy to understand graphs and charts. View your whole session at once, find out the amount of time you remained calm during a session and get helpful tips on how to improve future scores (FAQ: what does my session data mean?).

6. Track Your Progress and Achieve Your Goals

Your results are saved in a private account. Use the Calm app to follow your progress over time and learn new things about your own mind. To help keep you motivated and improving, Muse also gives you points, goals, challenges and bonuses to strive for. With every session you earn points, and can adjust your goal to fit your needs.

7. Improve Over Time

Muse is based on focused attention-based training exercises, which have been shown to produce many benefits over time (why train my brain?). The final step of the process is noticing the differences in your daily life. Enjoy greater composure and focus through regular sessions with Muse (what are people saying?).

What does it measure?

Muse: the brain sensing headband is a brain fitness tool that measures brain signals much like a heart rate monitor senses your heartbeat.  Muse’s 7 finely calibrated sensors – 2 on the forehead, 2 behind the ears plus 3 reference sensors – detect and measure the activity of your brain.

Safe, trusted, certified.

Muse has been tested and certified in accordance with Canadian, USA and European regulatory standards (FCC, UL, CE).


The measurements Muse takes are harmless to people and only provide information about your general state. Brain sensing has been used in hospitals and research institutions for over a century to study various aspects of the brain’s function.

Muse uses Bluetooth to send information to your mobile device. Bluetooth radio waves are roughly 100 times less powerful than a cell phone radio waves and is used in millions of devices designed to be worn on the head, like headsets and headphones.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for more.

Muse Sensors and Fit


Muse is beautiful, comfortable and easy to fit while providing a strong reading for your brainwaves for accurate feedback. When you pair Muse with the app, you are taken through a brief tutorial to ensure best fit.


Connect to the free Muse app with a wide variety of mobile devices:

  • iPhone 4S+
  • iPad 2+
  • iPad Mini 1+
  • iPod Touch 5G+
  • Samsung Galaxy S3+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note  II+
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2+