Equivital™ Belt Multipack

Equivital™ Belt Multipack

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15x B1 Sensor Belt with one connector for SEM (Life Monitor is required).

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Equivital B1 Belt Multipack (Set of 15x Sensor belts)

The B1 Sensor belt features a system of sensors and electrodes embedded in novel textiles. It connects with the Sensor Electronics Module (SEM) to provide mobile monitoring capability. Designed to be comfortable when worn for extended periods, the EQ02 Sensor belt enables high quality measurement of physiology even when the wearer is engaged in strenuous physical activity and rapid movement.
Available sizes: 1-9 (Circumference at xiphersternum: 29 - 47 in / 74 - 119 cm).


  • Light weight breathable fabric with almost seamless design
  • Superior sensor stability for very high data quality
  • Washable


  • End to end solution for physiological sensing, data management and data visualisation
  • Pre synchronised and time stamped multiparameter data outputs save valuable time in data analysis
  • Access to raw ECG data for independent analysis of RR intervals
  • Easy check for real time data quality to ensure best results for your research
  • Increase subject compliance by measuring thermoregulatory, cardiorespiratory and energy expenditure data using just 1 lightweight device
  • Flexible configuration with accessory sensors to allow for use in multiple research studies
  • System supports multiple ingestible core temperature capsule measurements for improved mobile thermoregulatory monitoring
  • Streamlined, data management solution ensuring higher controls for data quality available for high volume or multi site