Dog Silencer™ Max

Dog Silencer™ Max

129,95 incl. VAT, excl. shipping

Dog Silencer Max – 40% LOUDER than the Already Powerful, Market-Leading Dog Silencer!

Maximum Training for Stubborn Barkers.

Selected Features:

  • 75ft Bark Detection Range
  • 300ft Sound Distance
  • Remote Control
  • Indoors and Outdoors
  • Silent Mode
  • Battery or AC powered
  • Water Resistant


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Humanely Stop Your Dog or the Neighbor's Dog Barking!

Stop barking with our newest, most powerful ultrasonic bark control device to date. Whether it's your dog or the neighbor's dog, the Dog Silencer Max will help you regain the peace and quiet that's been disrupted by nuisance barking. This revolutionary device automatically detects and stops barking with special sound frequencies and works up to 6X Farther than the competition!

Whether the dog is 1 or 300 feet away, the new Dog Silencer™ Max gives you the most advanced technology available designed to stop stubborn and hard-to-train dogs from barking.

 How It Works

When the Dog Silencer Max detects barking it immediately sends a high-pitched sound heard only by the dog. Using this proven method, dogs are safely and humanely discouraged from barking. Relax while the Dog Silencer Max quietly trains your dog, your neighbor's dog or even multiple dogs!

No Shock Technology

Our humane training technique uses an age-old principle that teaches dogs to associate their barking with the irritating frequencies. Unlike shock collars that are painful and can be used only on one dog, the Dog Silencer Max can be used virtually anywhere without you having to ask permission from your neighbors. The Dog Silencer Max trains dogs to stop nuisance barking (boredom and attention-getting barking) but is designed to have no effect on instinctual or protective barking.

Exclusive Features

The Dog Silencer is the world's first indoor AND outdoor bark control device as well as the first anti-bark unit to operate electrically or with 6 AA batteries so you have extra portability.

Our exclusive High Pressure Transducer carries sound further than any other anti-bark unit on the market so even the most strong-willed dog can't feign deafness. We conveniently include fold out feet so you can stand the Dog Silencer Max on any surface, and mounting holes on the back of the unit so you can hang it anywhere. Add our new Wall Mount w/ Pan & Tilt for a perfect fit every time on fences, decks, trees, walls and posts!

Remote Control

Your Dog Silencer Max purchase includes a tiny keychain remote control - the only bark control device in the industry to include such a luxury. If for some reason Rover is outside the 75 foot sound sensor range, you can manually trigger the device with the simple press of a button. The remote control can be used from inside your home, car, or even in your pocket!

Live a Bark Free Life

The silence you experience with the humane Dog Silencer Max will make you throw away your old ear plugs, open your windows and enjoy the beautiful harmony of birds chirping in the morning. Our worldwide customers rave about how the technology behind the Dog Silencer Max is bringing back peace and quiet to their lives!


  • Dimensions: 5.25"H x 4.25"W x 1.8"D
  • Sound Distance: Up to 300 feet
  • Remote Control Range: Up to 75 feet
  • Power Options: AC Adapter (included); 6 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Installation Options:
    • Mounting Bracket (back of unit)
    • Mounting feet (bottom of unit)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Mfr Warranty

In the Box

  • Dog Silencer Max
  • Remote Control
  • Your Choice of Face Plate Color
  • AC Adapter