BarkWise™ Vibration Bark Control

BarkWise™ Vibration Bark Control

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Humane, No-Shock Vibration Bark Control Collar.

Selected Features:

  • Absolutely NO Shock!
  • Safe Vibration Technology
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Water Resistant
  • Sleek, Compact & Durable
  • Pink or Blue Collar Strap: + $4.95


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The #1 Humane, Shock- Free Collar. Backed By Over 10 Years of Expertise.

We are so pleased you are looking for a safe, humane, and effective alternative to shock collars. Every thoughtful feature we've put into our new BarkWise VIBRATION Bark Control Collar has been to create just that.

Many companies call shock collars "static" or "electric stimulus" to make them sound less painful than they really are. But the truth is that static is shock, shock is pain, pain is not humane! Lightning is also a form of static!

Many of us here at Good Life have tried shock collars on ourselves and we couldn't imagine using them on our little furry friends who are half our size or much smaller. They hurt! With that in mind we have created the most effective, safe and humane bark control and dog training system available.

Like you we are dog lovers and owners too! With over a decade of bark recognition and audio experience in the pet industry, we have created the most humane and effective bark control collars on the market today.

Unlike other bark control collars which are constantly burning through expensive batteries, BarkWise is completely rechargeable and will save you the hassle, time and money! Not to mention its green!

How BarkWise VIBRATION Trains Your Dog

When your dog barks, BarkWise™ VIBRATION responds immediately by emitting a series of vibrations similar to the vibrate function of your cellphone. Again this method of bark control is not a shock collar or citronella collar and is as safe and humane as it gets! This effectively captures the attention of your dog each time they begin nuisance barking. They will soon associate these distracting vibrations with their unnecessary barking. Once the dog has made the association, they will no longer want to bark unnecessarily.

What You Need To Know About Shock, And Why You Won't Find It Here

E-collar, static, stimulus, tingle, signal, zap ... It has many names but it's all electric shock piercing into your dog's neck. They are controversial for good reason - It's not a tickle, it's not a tingle, and it's certainly not gentle or humane.

There's no denying it, barking can drive you insane!

Keep in mind that barking is natural and instinctual behavior. Dogs bark when they are alert, scared, anxious, bored, or for a variety of other reasons. Add a painful punishment to any of these situations and it can cause confusion within the dog about whether to bark or not bark when it is absolutely necessary (for example: whether to bark at an intruder, an attacker or when a family member is in distress).

Although some dogs may seem to "handle" the pain at first, often times they are traumatized physically and emotionally. Painful training can turn an ordinarily nice dog into an aggressive, angry, fearful, or anxious dog - potentially even toward you and your family.

Shock collars, e-collars, electronic stimulus collars are all basically the same thing and often promoted as being similar to the “zap” you feel when you get shocked by a door knob. However, a quick online search for “Shock collar injuries” will bring up countless images and testimonials of injuries such as skin burns, necrosis (dead flesh) and open wounds - all of which were caused by shock collars.

Can you imagine if a shock collar malfunctioned when you weren't looking - the pain, torture and damage your little doggy friend would have to endure? A shock collar doesn't even have to malfunction - what if a small kid who doesn't know better gets a hold of the remote control or perhaps the remote falls down a crack in the couch - and every time someone sits down the dog is being zapped without anyone knowing what's going on. That's why we have taken our years of humane bark control experience and made the most effective and safe bark control collars available all without shock.

Shock collars can cause skin burns, severe headaches, fainting and even organ failure. And all of this is in addition to the psychological trauma. Shock collars have even been banned in several countries!

For Dogs Of All Shapes And Sizes

The included nylon collar strap fits dogs with neck sizes of 6" up to 24", and comes in black, blue and pink. BarkWise is gentle and light weight enough for a small dog, but powerful enough to quiet even the biggest barkers.


  • Dimensions: 3" W x 1.5" H x 1.2"D
  • LED Indicator Lights:
    • Blue activates in each training mode
    • Red light indicates the unit is powering off
  • Battery Life: Approx. 30 days standby
  • Warranty: 1 Year Mfr Warranty

Black, Blue, Pink